Dog Food and Supplies Delivered to Your Front Door

Get dog food and supplies delivered to your door in Dubai

Is the food here yet?… pant… pant… so excited… food’s coming…

My favourite place in the whole of Dubai to buy dog food and supplies is actually an online supplier who delivers free to your door and has no minimum order.

Dubaipetfood supply all across the UAE and within 48 hours in Dubai.

I usually get my order the next day; sometimes if I’m lucky with my timings and they’re just about to leave for Mirdif, I’ll get my order the same day.

Preparing for Happydoggy to come to live with us, I trekked all over Dubai looking for crates, toys, food, bedding, leads, shampoo, brushes, combs, treats, flea stuff, worm stuff… not that it was obvious to anyone I was a first time dog-owner.

I picked up a few bits here and there but truthfully there wasn’t much choice. No one pet shop carried a good range of products. And seriously who has the time to visit several pet shops every time they want to buy something.

Online shopping hasn’t taken Dubai by storm yet. Yet I tried my luck anyway and found Dubaipetfood.

The owners, Charlotte and Anders, are amongst the most helpful and kindest people you will meet in Dubai.

Charlotte had so much time for me, advising me on everything I needed to prepare. She was patient as I went through my list and even told me which things weren’t necessary and which should be postponed until after the dog arrived.

A few things I wanted were not in stock so Charlotte took my details and called me a few hours later after having sourced the products for me from her suppliers.

It is rare to get this level of customer service and attention to detail.

I’ve been shopping with Dubaipetfood regularly for a year and their commitment has never waivered.

Reasons to shop with

  • Dubaipetfood sell a range of quality food – dry food, wet food and treats. They are all premium brands including Artemis, Kiwi Peak and Pet Botanics. Food that is made with the health of your dog in mind.
  • They have a good selection of toys and quality chews like natural antlers to keep boredom at bay. I wouldn’t mind seeing a bigger selection of toys though.
  • Their prices are reasonable and they offer discounts when your order hits a certain amount.
  • Their customer service is top notch. They take pride in their work and it shows.
  • Their site is “alive”. New products are always being added and they’ve expanded their range recently to include horse supplies too.
  • Their delivery drivers are lovely too. You get none of the missed call malarky that you do with other delivery drivers.
  • They take your GPS co-ordinates when you register so you don’t have to say “turn left at the roundabout, go past the second mosque, do a u-turn and it’s the second house after the right after the third bush

They had a stand at the Dubai Pet Show last year, I’m hoping they have one this year too so I can stop by and say hello.

I have not been paid to write this review. I am a genuinely satisfied customer.

So if you need something for your pet, you know where to go: Dubaipetfood


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  1. Raghda says:

    Well, they definitely are the best, they saved me many times and the best is that they make u feel like you can call them if you needed anything, they are very genuine

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