Sand-blasted Dog

Sneezing dog

Poor doggie: Half an hour in a sandstorm, sneezing for a week. image credit

When every day is dry, hot and sunny, there is no need to talk about the weather. But today I get to pay homage to my British roots and indulge in weather chat – what fun!

Yesterday was totally London weather. Gloomy and overcast, it rained all day long. But not the majestic torrential rain that creates a 10 foot splash with each raindrop (just a slight exaggeration).

This time it was that relentless rain, the microscopic drops that fall with sulky and silent persistance and show no sign of stopping. The type that makes you feel clammy and irritable.

It came complete with that pressure in the air which gave me a pounding headache and chased me into bed by 9:00pm.

London rain.

Happydoggy didn’t know what to make of it. He sees rain so rarely and he’s ever so precious about getting his paws wet. When we’re out walking and come across someone washing their car, he’ll walk deliberately around the wet patch rather than step into the puddle.

So to see the entire ground covered in wetness… let’s just say he did his business very reluctantly in the garden in the morning. And then held it in for the rest of the day until finally around 8pm it physically became impossible for him to do so and he was forced to step onto alien ground. I didn’t even know he could hold it in that long.

Today it’s totally dry thank goodness, but windy windy windy! I don’t think I have a single plant pot still standing.

The windows in the villa are not a tight fit. Yesterday teh rain water trickled in through the gaps. Today the wind is using those invisible gaps to play us a tune. It sounds just like a whistling kettle.

Sand is blowing everywhere. I dusted the living room yesterday and today there’s a fine layer of sand on the cabinet. It’s not only the windows that don’t fit, external doors have unintentional aeration built in too.

Happydoggy doesn’t know it yet but his evening walk is cancelled and he can only play in the sheltered part of the garden. The area around us is fairly open and the sand flies across in waves. Last time I took him out in the wind, his eyes and nose got sand-blasted and he sneezed for days afterwards.

Dogs are dogs, but they have sensitive eyes and respiratory systems too.

Perhaps it’s silly but I can’t help but be paranoid about the nasties blowing on us with the sand in this high wind. I wish so much that there was less littering and dog-fouling here.

So instead of a walk, he’s getting a rare treat. A deer-shank bone from my favourite supplier.

I’m fairly confident the wind will subside and it’ll be dry, hot and sunny again tomorrow.


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