Arabian Lights

House with lights Dubai Wedding

An Emirati wedding is announced

This spectacular sight greeted me as I turned the corner from my house.

An Emirati neighbour is getting married and as per tradition, the brightly decorated villa announces the wedding to the Emirati community.

As well as acting as an official announcement, the lights are an invitation for well-wishers to stop by and offer their best regards.

I have it on good authority that anyone can stop by, but what can I say… It seems awfully presumptuous. The old British reserve makes it a tad awkward to pop into a strangers house to offer my congratulations.

It would be lovely though. There’s something very magical about the display – can you imagine the wonder of stepping inside that massive gold nugget lighting up the night sky?

The fairy lights are on nets and the nets are draped over the entire house – the actual villa itself and the walls surrounding the property. This house also has the lights draped as a canopy over the garden too.

The lights stay on for up to 10 days so I have a week or so to muster up my courage and go round.

In the meantime, to everyone getting married this month, Congratulations! Wishing you a long and delightfully wondrous marriage :)


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