Clothes Dress a Man – But it’s What’s Inside That Makes Him

Clothes Maketh a Man but it's what's inside that saves him

I’m not a sporty person by any stretch of the imagination. Yet even I know that to get into shape you need to:

  1. Watch what you eat
  2. Get some exercise
  3. Get help for any mental blocks or psychological hangups about either of the above

In that order.

I’m not the only person who knows this. We all know it!

Silly Newsletter Heading

Because you know it’s your clothing standing in the way of your fitness.

So yep there was a cynical eye-roll when I saw this email come in from a certain online retailer with the subject line “Get in Shape before Summer with our Sportswear collection!”

I know we see these kind of headlines all the time and dismiss them as marketing gumph. We all know it’s not our clothes standing in the way of our fitness – when we’re serious about an activity, we go out deliberately to buy what we need, not wait patiently until an email comes along. Mostly.

We know these are lazy marketing headlines and we take them with a pinch of salt – of course they’re not going to transform our life but hey we’re at the computer already, may as well click through and see what they’re hawking.

But this time the subject line struck a nerve and the glibness of the statement offended me.

Why did it offend me? I’m glad you asked.

It’s all because of my friend “C”.

C ran the RAK Half Marathon last week and emailed me afterwards. What she said was so inspiring that I’m going to share it with you. She doesn’t know I’m sharing it (yet) but her words are so profound that seriously they blow my mind.

 “I managed to beat my previous time by 7 minutes so I’m really pleased about that but it was mental hell for all but 3 of the 21km.”
– Friend C

It was mental hell for all but 3 of the 21km!

Wow! How could she take 18km of mental hell? If she could do it, is it possible I could too?

Not only did she complete a marathon AND beat her previous time AND have the euphoria of overcoming her demons AND bask in the soul deep satisfaction of achieving her goal, she did it while through spending 18km in mental hell.

My friend C is in shape because:

  1. She watches what she eats
  2. She gets exercise
  3. She spends 85% of her time overcoming her mental blocks and mind chatter

Not because someone sold her a cute t-shirt.

In case it’s not clear what nerve was struck… It’s the “Oh dear I AM a softy and I need to invest time overcoming some sports-related demons too!” nerve.

Thanks for the inspiration C! :) x

What has inspired you to discover the strength inside you?


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