Copy-Cat Fashion: Haven’t I Seen That Dress Before?

Haven't I seen that dress before?

Ever since I got my new sewing machine, I’ve been more attuned to styles and designs of clothes in shops.

My sewing skills are beginner but my aspirations don’t care. I want to make something and I’m mentally dissecting the clothes out there. Perhaps my brain thinks mental dissection is the equivalent of the “training pill” Neo took in The Matrix.

Going in to Zara for the first time in ages, it occurred to me that I’ve purposely been avoiding the place.

Ever since Kate Middleton shopped there, I can’t shake the feeling there are subliminal invisible-to-the-naked-eye signs everywhere:

“Kate tried this blouse on – Buy it, Be Kate”

“Kate brought this in blue-  Buy it, Be Kate”

“Kate said this skirt rocks! – Buy it, Be Kate”

Perhaps it’s just me – when people flock in their thousands to buy something a celebrity has worn, don’t they mind that their entire neighbourhood will probably step out the next day in the same dress?

It’s bad enough when you see someone at the supermarket wearing the same dress as you. The consolation is that it’s one person and your friends don’t know her or her dress.

Unlike Ms Celebrity. Lots of people have seen that dress. And when they see you in it, it’s not “You look lovely in that dress!”, it’s “That’s the dress Kate whatsername wore at that do isn’t it?”

I remember when Wallis came out with that beautiful polka dot dress from Pretty Woman. Gorgeous dress but I couldn’t buy it knowing I’d feel as if I was in a Julia Roberts costume…

However, armed with my trusty machine, I could do my own version! :)

Imitation still? Yes, but no. Hopefully no-one will say “Oh that’s the Pretty Woman dress“.

Better yet, hopefully no-one will say, “Oh did you make that yourself dear?”

Do you buy celebrity outfits?

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  1. Petra says:

    I’ve never bought an outfit that a celebrity has worn but I’ve wished I could. Problem was that, in years gone by, I loved Cher and her style of dress and going round Tesco’s in North London in a see-thru ankle length lacey number of the sort she might wear to the Oscars somehow did not seem appropriate (not that it’s not the done thing in North London in similarly revealing outfits on a daily basis).

    I was once in a shop in Hollywood which sold celebrity cast-offs for charity and saw the very ankle length lace dress of Cher’s that I so admired. Even if I’d had the couple of thousand dollars they wanted for it (all for a good cause that I can’t remember) it would have been a pointless buy. I saw proof before my own eyes that Cher had a waist that I could probably encircle with both my hands and that would make a shop front mannequin weep with envy. I may not have any of her clothes but I still love her style :)

    • Happywitchie says:

      I’d love to have seen that dress! Actually Cher is one of the people I’d choose to invite to my “fantasy dinner party”. She’d be fascinating I reckon.

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