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With every book you buy, you should buy the time to read it

And if you get your book for free, you still need to buy the time to read it.

Do you love your Kindle as much as I do? For me it’s not a replacement for books, it’s an alternative. Some books I prefer on Kindle and others as real paper tomes to hold in my hot little hands.

The best Kindle books for me are FREE ones! Legal free ones. 

Like most Kindle users, I’ve already gorged myself on the Free Classic E-books that Amazon offers up. There’s only so much Dickens and Wilde that a girl can take. Sometimes you want something a little more modern.

Fortunately Amazon offers up free books for zero cost from time to time. They’re not advertised on their front page and the freebie can last just a couple of days before the book goes back to full price. The freebies cover all genres and they are quality reads, some are bestsellers in the making.

So how can you find out about these books?

Option 1: Haunt twitter and search for “Free Amazon Book” – a tedious process and really who has the time to sit on twitter all day waiting for a book to show up?

Option 2: Visit Freebooksifter.com and get all the free books available on Amazon.com already sorted for you by genre.

But what if you’re a UK Kindle subscriber?

Freebooksifter.com only links to books on Amazon.com. As you know, if your Kindle is registered in the UK you can’t purchase ebooks from the .com site.

The solution is fairly simple. Say you want Secrets of a Working Dog: Unleash Your Potential and Create Success. You click the link on Freebooksifter which takes you to the .com site. The URL showing in your browser is:

  • http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004AYDGT4/

All you have to do is change the com bit to co.uk so you end up with the URL

  • http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B004AYDGT4/

This is the same book on the UK Amazon site. And as at the time of writing this book is free on both sites, a saving of £12.46

PS: If you want to read Happywitchie on Kindle, you can!


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